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Freshly-cooked, affordable, ready-to-eat meals without ever lifting a pot.

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How It Works

Choose your meals

A weekly chef-curated menu of 45+ global cuisines and organic protein snacks.

We cook & deliver

Cooked by foodie-approved local chefs with personal care and attention.

Heat & eat

No shopping, no cleanup, no mess. Heat and eat in minutes.

Enjoy & Repeat

Healthier, tastier, and more affordable than takeout.

Our menu

Chef prepared.
Foodie-beloved. Perfectly portioned.

Explore our ever-changing menu, designed for easy planning, thoughtful sharing, good energy, and foodie-chef approved healthy food habits.

Getting Started

A food plan made just for your life

Whether you're seeking convenience, fitness support, or dietary management, it all starts in the kitchen.

That's where we come in.

When you work with us, you have control without the effort, and without annoying subscriptions.

Choose your meals
We cook & deliver
Heat & eat
Enjoy & Repeat

Use our Chef's menu to plan your diet

Our by-the-pound items and signature meals are perfect for meal planning the week ahead.

Dive into our chef-made dietetic menu, designed for variety of flavor, and ingredients to suit your dietary preferences and health goals.

Autopilot your diet. Start feeling amazing.

How It Works

Explore our menu

Discover a variety of fresh, flavorful meals. Perfect for any diet.

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Nutritionally designed meals that hit the spot without compromise.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it organic?

With few exceptions, we use organic vegetables and corn in our meals, ensuring that these key ingredients are free from synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, which aligns with our commitment to health and quality, and our absolute love of nature and adventure.

While our meats are not organic or grass-fed, we carefully select them based on quality, safety, and ethical standards. This decision allows us to maintain a balance between providing high-quality meals and keeping our services accessible and affordable.

When will I receive my order?

Ready When You Are – Order For Pickup: Love planning ahead? So do we! Secure your week’s worth of delicious, chef-crafted meals with a pre-order, and we’ll have them waiting for you at your chosen pickup spot. Swing by any time after 3pm on Wednesday to grab your freshly prepped meals.

Your Meals, Your Schedule – Home Delivery:
Picking a time that works for you is part of checkout. Just let us know when you’d like your fresh, flavorful meals delivered, and one of our friendly team members will ensure they arrive, cold-packed and ready to delight, right in your chosen time window.

What if I miss my delivery?

At Sustained Nutrition, we’re all about flexibility and understanding – life throws curveballs! While our fresh, chef-prepared meals love staying cool (thanks to their perishable nature), we’re here to accommodate those last-minute changes as best we can. Just a heads-up in advance about any tweaks to your delivery time can help us heaps.We’ve got you covered for one unexpected change per order, at no extra cost. If the unexpected happens, we’ll team up to find the perfect plan B for your delivery. After all, it’s all about making sure those delicious meals get to you fresh and ready to enjoy.

Are there specific options for dietary requirements or restrictions?

Got a question or need a bit of guidance? We’re all ears! Drop us a line using the form below – we love hearing from our Sustained Nutrition peeps. Whether it's about our menu, your dietary needs, or just to say hello, we're here for it.

Navigating dietary preferences and restrictions is our specialty, especially when it comes to gluten-free options. Our menu is designed with everyone in mind, ensuring that you can enjoy delicious, chef-crafted meals no matter your dietary journey.

And for those who like to mix and match to perfection, our By The Pound offerings are a game-changer. They're the ideal choice for customizing your weekly meal plans, particularly if you’re looking for gluten-free options or have specific dietary preferences.

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